What is it?

IT support solutions tailored to fit exactly what you need.  We provide fast, flexible, efficient services with the highest level of expertise for IT functions that you need performed.  Our capabilities include:

  • Email management, including spam protection
  • Desktop support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Backup and restore
  • Professional IT Consultation
  • Comprehensive review and analysis of your current IT infrastructure – provide advice on how to maximise your current assets and resources.
  • Antivirus protection
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Network and firewall management

Who is it for?

Line of Business Owner with project demands that cannot be met by your internal IT department.
SMB that needs to invest money elsewhere rather than building internal IT capabilities.
IT Management who needs to maximise existing assets and resources while not procuring more hardware and/or software.
Organisation looking to use OpEx and not have to spend CapEx for technology-driven initiatives.

What is an IT Support package for Businesses?

When you have IT problems or questions, who do you contact? Most employees will turn to their managers, especially in small and midsize businesses. The managers then need to track down someone who can help, which takes them away from their responsibilities. Meanwhile, the employees become frustrated, as they wait for assistance to arrive. All in all, productivity suffers and in more serious situations, so can your business.

Many businesses choose an IT Support provider, like SpecTronics, to manage their IT systems for them with an IT Support contract, giving them all the benefits of an in-house helpdesk, without the costly overheads.

Having a reliable helpdesk can eliminate frustration and lost productivity. Experienced technicians can assist your business with technical problems so it can get back on track quickly. A support contract can vary from simple break/fix support at the lower end through to comprehensive fully managed IT services at the top that includes onsite support, 24/7 system and anti-virus monitoring, data backup and server support. At Spectronics we take care of a wide range of companies and requirements and can offer you a solution that’s as individual as you are.


Want peace of mind that your IT is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to support your business?

The cost of IT is not just made up of hardware and software – the real cost comes from the required management of IT:  putting the right design in place, securing the environment with the right set of controls, monitoring the network proactively to ensure optimal performance.  At Rachelio, we have a team of experts who are here to take the worry out of IT for you at an affordable cost.

Let us help manage your IT so you can get back to managing your business.​

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