Help Desk and Onsite IT Support - Assistance in person

While many IT services can be provided behind the scenes to avoid disrupting your staff’s workday, there are times when you need an IT professional on hand. This becomes particularly evident when employees need assistance and systems need repairs, Some computer and network management tasks need to be performed in person. For example, replacing a failing hard drive and setting up a wireless router requires the human touch.

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Telecoms Services

Hosted VoIP: Affordable, flexible business phone systems.

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IT Consultancy & Solutions done right​

Your business is unique. We understand and embrace that fact. That is why we take the time to learn about your business in addition to learning about your IT environment. Knowing your customers’ expectations, your employees’ work habits, and your goals for the business is just as important as knowing how many computers you have, the types of software you use, and your network topology.

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Since 1993

Rachelio Services.

IT cost reduction is an ongoing goal and constant challenge, but even more important in today’s competitive landscape is attaining true Organisational Agility: Your ability to get to market fast is critical to your success. With Rachelio, you will be able to reach greater agility at a cost point that makes sense for you and your business. With us, you’ll never sacrifice quality for efficiency. Get your IT the way you want it!